Considering the fact that a pianist needs his fingers to make music, Les Payenkes Utopistes created an instrument requiring two full bodies to play on it. In Hug, this instrument, a circular wooden podium, stands in the center. Seated all around, the audience is being immersed in a sound and visual atmosphere specific to the company Les Payenkes Utopistes : a subtle mix between abstract and absurd, inviting the audience to travel in a raw, sensitive and humorous world. Music, the ideal emotion carrier, is used in symbiosis with dance and acrobatics : the music becomes visible and the movements hearable. Thanks to a sound amplification system and some effect pedals, the rough sound coming out of the podium is transformed and modulated throughout the 20 minutes of the performance. The sound spatialization in 360 degrees contributes in creating an intimate atmosphère, allowing the two acrobats (who are also the musicians) to invite the audience to reconnect to their own body and emotions, and to unite all together for the time of this trip.

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