Les Payenkes Utopistes


« O-zero » could be seen as a modern ritual, where the simplicity and the purity of movements are highlighted. We could talk about a true return to the roots : a circus artist is, originally, somebody who moves on the floor or in the air in front of an audience. The only difference here is that the technical feats, instead of being the main subject, are hidden in the continuity of the movements. It is through the movements that the artists are exchanging as many informations as possible with the audience; to create a common language which allows each and everyone to follow and experience with them a search of a new spatiotemporal dimension by thoughts and spirit.

The circle is very present in this piece, it invites the audience to get in its atmosphere. This geometrical shape which has neither a beginning nor an end, recurrent in every rituals, has been a source of inspiration for the movement quality, the scenery, the appearance of the artists, and of course for their way of using the Cyr-wheel. A 50 minutes show aiming for a total symbiosis between audience and artists, creating a unique moment.

“It was a really inventive and creative, and I was really impressed with the musicality of the show. Well composed and rich in ideas. Go and see you won’t be disappointed. “
Friso Van Vemde
The Ashton Brothers
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